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WTS Toy Reviews BionicBlox Architectural and Engineering Toy For Kids

WTS Toy Review Gives Bionic Blox Architectural and Engineering Toy 4 Stars

WTS Toy Review just recently reviewed Bionic Blox Foundations 100 kit giving it a 4 of 5 stars.  The reviewers recognized the open-ended nature and value of this architectural, engineering and building kit.  Please click thru to read the full review.   Their summary is:   Have fun imagining, designing and inventing through open-ended building.  Learn [...]

Toy Award of Excellence 2012

Toy Man Gives Bionic Blox 5 Star Review

The key difference from other wood construction kits is what the developer of the product is refers to as ‘Bionic Star’ connectors. These connectors allow for a child or adult working with the Bionic Blox to gain a notion of design loads, use of beams, girders, columns, diaphragms, and connections.

No matter what the age of the person, the Bionic Blox™ Foundation Kit provides a means to step beyond the limitations of the common wood construction kits. They can now move into entirely new realms of creative abstract structural building, with a glance of the basic physics of engineering and architectural design.

Toy Award of Excellence 2012

The Toy Man Gives BionicBlox 4 Product Recognition Seals and Awards

On June 1, 2012 The Toy Man ® 4 prestigious product recognition seals and awards. First and foremost BionicBlox architectural building and construction toy received The Toy Man &registered; Award of Excellence for a product demonstrating a significant level of quality in design, safety, and value, and in their evaluation results they receive an overall [...]