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STEM Education News of the Week – Top Three Science, Toys, Engineering and Math

STEM Toys, Open-Ended Play and What-If Creating This is a clear and short article on how allowing kids (pre-k through elementary school) to build and create with the open-endedness of raw materials promotes STEM Education. Alas, that is the spirit of the BionicBlox wooden building and innovation set for kids. STEM – Science, Toys, Engineering [...]


Providence Museum Adds BionicBlox to their Wooden Building Blocks Exhibit

The Children’s Museum of Providence Rhode Island is adding BionicBlox and BionicStars to their existing stacking block and wooden block exhibit. Kids build with interesting blocks of all shapes and sizes in Discovery Studio, the Museum’s open-ended art and science exploration space. Stack blocks to construct tall towers, experiment with tangram puzzles, and build on [...]

BionicBlox Construction Set

Toy Building Challenge Win $50

Welcome 2013 Thank You First of all, we want to thank you for giving BionicBlox a great 2012! Build to Win $50 – Toy Building Challenge (If you purchased as a gift please forward) Post–on the BionicBlox Facebook page– your picture with your creation and a little description (who you are, what it is, what help [...]

Proud Kid Architect of a Bridge Built on Wheeler Peak, NV at over 10,000 Feet

Best Vacation Toys – BionicBlox

BionicBlox are one of the best vacation toys because they are a great outdoor toy for at least 3 reasons. First, the pieces are big and can be found easily. Second, the structures are durable so that uneven surfaces or wind do not knock them down. And, the connections are flexible so structures adapt to the terrain they are built on which also inspires the structure itself like a bridge across a gap between two rocks.