Girls Architecting and Building

Early Childhood Benefits of Architectural Toy

Girls Architecting and Building

Girls Architecting and Building

Over the last few weeks BionicBlox architectural toy and children’s building set has been in play at the Early Childhood Education Center at the University of Utah. These have made the rounds through ages 3-7 with success in all rooms. The main observation is that kids gravitate toward these architectural blocks over classic stacking blocks! Whew, big vote of confidence. The other observation is that kids across ages engage in projects like they are engineering a lasting structure which go on to be used in the room for other kids of play. For example, the architectural structures are big and sturdy enough to support a sheet and act as a fort or be used as an apartment or garage for other toys.

The kid engineering aspect of BionicBlox is tempting summer camps for kids up to 14 years of age to use them in their building and engineering topics. Very cool, value from age 3-14 and beyond!

Happy Building.

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