Girls Architecting and Building

Benefits of Building With Kids

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Last week we spent a few hours in a first grade class with our BionicBlox mobile kit. The event was a math workshop open-play day exploring different building materials and patterns. With BionicBlox we started out with vocabulary of 2D shapes as we built 2D shapes. The kids got to build the topic of learning! We then moved onto 3D shapes and concepts like faces, vertices, sides and volumes.

This naturally led to building bigger and better things like 10 sided shapes because 5 sided is way too boring. So we learned Dodecagon! This moved onto approximating a circle and the engineering involved in supporting the outside rim of a wheel. Which led one student to create arches which we attached to a building a young girl was creating elsewhere. All the while the kids cooperated to make joint projects.

I have to say that workshops with kids like this make our day. And, our success prompted the principal to purchase 6 of our discovery kits which is over 1200 pieces–luckiest kids around.

Happy Building!

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