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Work with CitiBlocs, KEVA Planks, and Kapla Blocks

BionicBlox in Amazon

BionicBlox geometric toy for building and construction are now available through Amazon! Visit: We have our Explorer and Visionary sets which come with the wood blocks. The BionicStar connectors are also available and require use of existing blocks from Citiblocs, KEVA Planks or Kapla. Of course, if you purchase one of those products on [...]

Girls in STEM at the Harley School STEM Club

Girls in STEM

The topic of Girls in STEM has become quite popular. So much so that the Huffington Post has a Girls in STEM specific news group. Pretty cool! Now, at this site there are lots of news items about women in STEM careers. The most outspoken and notable personality seems to be Sheryl Sandberg in part [...]