About BionicBlox Building and Construction Toys

BionicBlox wooden construction toys are the result of over 4 years of product development. The development began with a need. The need was defined by a dad whose 4 year old son grew up stacking wood blocks. However, as the son got older, he wanted to build big, sturdy structures.

The building kits for sturdy structures were typically all plastic with many small parts designed more for 8 year olds and also lacked a connection to real world objects and buildings. After scouring the Internet for the right product he realized that there was a big hole in the children’s building toy market for kids in the age range of 3-8 years old. Clearly, there was a strong desire to build in these children. Rather than waiting for his son grow up he decided to create the product.

The result is BionicBlox which uses both natural wood along with indestructible, safe and colorful connectors to provide children an open-play building and construction toy. Not only are BionicBlox fun and engaging, they offer a many other benefits listed below.

Perfect For Children of All Ages
Build and adjust creations with easy to move BionicStar connectors and perfect sized blocks for both simple and complex structures.
Mimic Real World Building
Creations can match real world structures like houses and skyscrapers incorporating geometry, physics and spatial awareness.
Safe, Fun, Educational
These are our priorities. BionicBlox provides an outlet for kids to put down the iPod and spend hours filled learning geometry, fractions and imagination.
Fun For All Ages
Build and play with your children, help them bring their idea to life.
A Toy That Grows With Your Child
No matter how old or young your child is, BionicBlox is just right. Your three year old can build a simple doll house, while your 12 year old can build a space ship.
Environmentally Friendly
BionicBlox have been made with as little environmental impact as possible. From the wooden blocks, to the reusable minimal packaging we reduce waste and provide the greatest value to parents.

Thank you for considering BionicBlox as a toy for your child. Buy BionicBlox Now